Eclipse RCP “OpenChrom” Version 0.5.0 (Martin) released

A new version of OpenChrom – the open source software for chromatography/mass spectrometry has been published. The release is named in commemoration of Archer John Porter Martin (

OpenChrom Final Release 0.5.0 Martin

It includes all improvements known from the preview series and additionally a new file import converter!

  • Finnigan ITS40 file import converter

other improvements:

  • CSV chromatogram file export/import converter
  • Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx) chromatogram export converter
  • OpenOffice/Microsoft Office connectors
  • Sumarea integrator
  • View/Editor image snapshot tool
  • Retention time shift filter
  • CODA filter
  • Backfolding filter
  • and more …

Go there, get it!



About Philip Wenig

Founder of OpenChrom
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2 Responses to Eclipse RCP “OpenChrom” Version 0.5.0 (Martin) released

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  2. Thank you for this highlighting about this open source software for chromatography/mass spectrometry. I just wanted let you know that IonBench manufactures dedicated benches for HPLC/UHPLC & mass spectrometers. A noise reduction enclosure (75% noise reduction for your vacuum pump) comes with the IonBench MS. Feel free to take a tour at !

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