Using Wuala as a private GIT repository

I’ve used an USB stick to store my private GIT repositories for a while. Then it happened, the stick crashed. Oh no. Still, I had several backups of its content, but it was definitively time to search for an alternative. Meanwhile, a lot of web storage providers offer free space limited accounts. These are for example DropBox, Box or if you have an own server ownCloud. Anyhow, ownCloud seems to be a good alternative, especially regarding security issues. But you need an own server with at least PHP 5.3 version. Mine has only PHP 5.2, d’oh. In any case, I’ve found another service, called Wuala. It offers 2 GB free storage, which is quite enough for hosting private source code. Furthermore, data encryption will be carried out on the client. Hence, it is a more secure method than DropBox unless you use a week password. Moreover, the files are hosted on servers in Switzerland, Germany and/or France which is another big advantage.


To create an Wuala account, you’ll only need a user name, an email address and the appropriate client for your device. We are now ready to create a private GIT repository, after installing the software and creating the account. Use the command line and create a bare GIT repository. This repository is now ready to be cloned.

:~$cd WualaDrive/Username
:~/WualaDrive/Username$mkdir GIT-PROJECT
:~/WualaDrive/Username$cd GIT-PROJECT
:~/WualaDrive/Username/GIT-PROJECT$git init
:~/WualaDrive/Username/GIT-PROJECT$git config --bool core.bare true
:~/WualaDrive/Username/GIT-PROJECT$git config "Your name"
:~/WualaDrive/Username/GIT-PROJECT$git config "Your email"
:~/WualaDrive/Username/GIT-PROJECT$cd ~
:~$git clone ~/WualaDrive/Username/GIT-PROJECT

I also had a look at Assembla, which seems to fit my needs to share private GIT projects with other developers of OpenChrom. Therefore, here’s a list of private GIT repository vendors that offer limited accounts free of charge:


In my mind, there are quite good possibilities to store private source code without paying a bunch of money today.


About Philip Wenig

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2 Responses to Using Wuala as a private GIT repository

  1. pwesolek says:

    Lines 4-5 can be shorten to

    git inti –bare

    Does setting and has any meaning? Those values are not cloned.

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