Can’t find IDfind.ext exception

Whilst migrating OpenChrom to the new Eclipse e4 application platform, I’ve encountered an exception, which was hard to resolve. All 3.x editors couldn’t be opened within the first try, curiously. Instead, an error was displayed:

Editor 3.x - e4

An exception

org.eclipse.e4.core.di.InjectionException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: can’t find IDfind.ext

was thrown. Finally, I’ve found a solution how to handle this issue. It works fine now, after adding the workbench action constant in the class.

protected void fillMenuBar(IMenuManager menuBar) {
	MenuManager editMenu = new MenuManager("&Edit", IWorkbenchActionConstants.M_EDIT);
	editMenu.add(new GroupMarker(IWorkbenchActionConstants.FIND_EXT));



About Philip Wenig

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4 Responses to Can’t find IDfind.ext exception

  1. Dan Tololoi says:


  2. kar says:

    thanks a lot you saved me 🙂

  3. bobbledople says:

    I think you are missing an instruction at the end of the method. This only works for me if I put “menuBar.add(editMenu);”

  4. alaa says:

    Thanks it works 😀

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