OpenChrom 0.9.0 “Mattauch” GA

I proudly announce the official release of OpenChrom 0.9.0 “Mattauch”.
Some new data converters and a lot of improvements have been added. Stay tuned.
Moreover, use IdeaScale to submit new ideas.

Tell us your ideas and vote!

Images tell more than words!





About Philip Wenig

Founder of OpenChrom
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2 Responses to OpenChrom 0.9.0 “Mattauch” GA

  1. Rafael CS says:

    Hello! I´m Using OpenChrom 0.9.0 for Windows (32bits).
    I have trying so much times and different ways to overlay 5 chromatograms (CDF files) and it´s not working! Simply, the Chromatogram Overlay screen shows nothing!
    Has anyone the solution to my problem?!

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