OpenChrom 1.0.0 “Aston” GA

I proudly announce the official release of OpenChrom 1.0.0 “Aston”.
Some new data converters and a lot of improvements have been added.

OpenChrom 1.0.0 Aston

About Philip Wenig

Founder of OpenChrom
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4 Responses to OpenChrom 1.0.0 “Aston” GA

  1. ragerino says:

    WIFF file importer is not working. I am a Eclipse-RCP developer. Unfortunatelly I am not able to find out if it’s due to a license problem or what the error message is. Seems that stacktraces are being swallowed by the app because running it with the command line options “-console -consoleLog” doesn’t work.

    Source code also seems not to be available. I am wondering what the meaning of “Open” as part of the name OpenChrom is?

  2. Aurelien says:

    Varian XMS converter bug?
    Thanks for the release, OpenChrom is a great soft that deserves more spreading in the community. I happened to start using OpenChrom community edition because it offers old-timer varian xms file support. However, i am not confident in some of the conversions I obtained from it, it seems to mis-read the original files at some point and display huge abundance peaks that are not relevant/present in the acquired data. Is there any place/faq/forum where I could pop this concern out?
    Greets and keep up with the good job here!

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