ChemClipse 0.7.0 released

I proudly announce the official release of ChemClipse 0.7.0!


But hey, what’s the difference between OpenChrom and ChemClipse?
It’s quite simple: There’s no difference. ChemClipse is the base for the OpenChrom Community and Enterprise Edition. One could compare it to the strategy RedHat runs. ChemClipse is the equivalent to Fedora and the OpenChrom Enterprise Edition the equivalent to RHEL. We as a company have a strong open source and collaboration commitment. We try to migrate as much of our code as possible to the Eclipse Foundation. Currently, we use the following setup:

  • ChemClipse (IP reviewed code and release)
  • OpenChrom Community Edition (Incubator for new collaborations and projects)
  • OpenChrom Enterprise Edition (Commercial service and support for laboratories/customers)

Also have a look at our new blog:

About Philip Wenig

Founder of OpenChrom
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