Gimp 2.8 – Eclipse Splash

I was wondering why the splash screen is not visible anymore after using Gimp 2.8 to create the *.bmp file. It’s the color profile option that needs to be deactivated. Here’s the workflow:

Create a splash design with Inkscape:

Width: 455 px
Height: 295 px

Export the design to *.png format (90 dpi).

Splash Inkscape

Then open the *.png file with Gimp and export it to *.bmp format.

Splash Gimp

Use the options:

> Don’t write color information
24 Bit
> R8 G8 B8

That’s it :-).

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Eclipse Hackathon 2015/01 – Hamburg

We had our first 2015 Eclipse Hackathon last friday in Hamburg. The next one will follow approximately in April.


It was a great meeting and I’d like to encourage others to do the same :-).

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OSGi “visibility:=reexport” directive

After removing some “visibility:=reexport” directives in my plugins, my workspace crashed as hell. The Eclipse problems view and the error messages where also quite confusing and misleading. Anyhow, I managed to fix all issues after investing some hours of work. I decided to import all needed dependencies in the MANIFEST.MF directly from now on. Furthermore, I decided to not use the “visibility:=reexport” directive anymore.

How are your experiences?

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Eclipse Hackathon Hamburg – 2015/01

Folks, it’s time for our next Eclipse Hackathon in Hamburg, Germany!

2015/01/23, 17:30
Hapag-Lloyd AG
Rosenstraße 17
20095 Hamburg

Eclipse is a community-driven platform! Don’t miss to join the event! Food and beverages are supplied too!

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OpenChrom 0.9.0 “Mattauch” GA

I proudly announce the official release of OpenChrom 0.9.0 “Mattauch”.
Some new data converters and a lot of improvements have been added. Stay tuned.
Moreover, use IdeaScale to submit new ideas.

Tell us your ideas and vote!

Images tell more than words!




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Eclipse Science Working Group – press releases

Hi folks,

here’s a small selection of the latest press releases for the newcomer working group at the Eclipse Foundation:

New Global Collaboration for Scientific Software Announced by the Eclipse Foundation
Insight into the Eclipse Science Working Group

Startschuss für die Eclipse Science Working Group
Open Source und Wissenschaft sind ein Dream-Team

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Eclipse Hackathon Hamburg, Germany

Finally, we’ve finished our first Eclipse Hackathon in Hamburg successfully.

Eclipse-Hackathon Hamburg

Eclipse-Hackathon Hamburg

Eclipse-Hackathon January, 2014

The next Eclipse Hackathon in Hamburg, Germany is scheduled for March, 2014:

Eclipse-Hackathon March, 2014 (scheduled)

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